REVIEWGOALS_11_2016 + GOALS_02_2017

Goals_11_2016 “Be optimistic in the action, realistic in the prediction” End of November 2017, time for review and readjustments. Scratched: I change my plan Green, I did it! Red, failed… Money: I’ll easily save 300 euros per month I traveled way too much for saving any money… Altruism: Give 10 euros per month to an association […]

Is it fun to do a Ph.D.​ in computational neuroscience?

My days are mostly made of: Writing articles. It’s about writing punch lines to express ideas, be convincing and gentle, etc… #Fun Reading about neuroscience. It’s about learning more about human brain, how it works, etc… #Fun Reading about machine learning (ML). It’s about understanding how much you can learn from any kind of data #Fun […]

I want to get fit: how to start?

About six years ago, I decided to get fit. My first steps would be to run 30 minutes per day and register for a 10km race (two weeks later). The next day, I put my shoes on and start running. After about 30 seconds only, I am breathless and my thighs are very sore. I […]

How to get up easily in the morning

Hi, Here are 17 points that helped me to easily get up early: #1 Have enough sleep You must understand your own circadian rhythms. For a month, go to bed at a regular time (10pm for example) and don’t set any alarm clock. Record the approximative time you fall asleep and the time you get […]

My morning workout session

I exercise every morning for 30 minutes on weekdays. I am not Superman but I consider myself in shape. My routine emphasises on abs, biceps, triceps, chest muscles, back muscles, thighs and a bit of cardio. I also do 4 to 5 hours of different sports per week when my life style is sedentary. However, […]

My morning routine

A year ago, I decided to have a morning routine to automatise the most important behaviors and make sure that important things are the first things done. Also, it helps me to get fully awake and ready for the day! Here it is: #1. Wake up early (around 6am) Why? More time to enjoy life, […]