Goals December 2017

-Goals December 2017-

It has been a while since the last review, I kept on adapting my goals and so on, I just thought that posting it was not that interesting anymore. However, I’ll do it now because it evolved a lot and I thought it could be interesting to follow the evolution over time. Below are my next main objectives:

I’ll easily save 200 euros per month
(Get a security with money)
Give 10 euros per month to random people
(meet people, good for society, sense of purpose, make a difference, make an impact, to share, personal growth and self-esteem, learn, know the local community, integration in Germany, challenge…)
Health :
Water fasting every Tuesday (from Monday evening to Wednesday morning)
(Out of my comfort zone, mind & body health, “We barely regret not to eat enough”, and it is definitely feasible, I did it two times already, I can feel the positive outcomes)
Adopt a vegan diet
(Animals: Stand against animal cruelty, environment: lower carbon footprint, Out of my comfort zone)
No refined sugar
(No nutritional value, dependence, too many calories, unhealthy: liver, insulin, fat, heart…)
Drink a bunch of water + 3 coffees max per day
(Stay hydrated, control calories, energize muscles, body health, maintain normal Bowel Function, fatigue buster, body health, fiber, vitamins & minerals, prevent diseases + limit risk of coffee addiction and side effects…)
Morning routine during weekdays:
-Wake up at 8.00am
-5*20 lift weight (standing up), 5*20 lift weight (sitting), 5*20grip dumbbell (back), 5*20grip dumbbell (front), 5*25 push-ups, 3min30 of fighting including kicks.
(Get ready for the cold shower, benefits of sport in general)
-Cold shower
(alertness, skin&hair, immunity, blood circulation, metabolic properties, speed up muscles recovery, get out of my comfort zone, be tougher,  improve mood, increase testosterone levels, better breathing)
-Priorities of the day
-What I want to be
(Remember what I should focus on, and that life is awesome^^)
Social :
Go out for a social event once a week
Emails/letters to family/friends once a month
(Increase&improve networks, brain effects, get out of my comfort zone, fun, social skills, sharing, learning, taking care)
One weekend out of Aachen/Vaals
(Discovering the world, open mind, get out of the comfort zone, fun)
Sport :
2*10km per week
Biking to work
(Benefits of sport in general)
Creativity :
Write 1 Article on Quora, blog per month
(Improve writing skills, have fun, be useful,…)
Update diary once a week at least
(Record special&normal events, thoughts, feelings…, follow my evolution, therapy for bad days, writing skills (I do it in English and German), assess mistakes and success)
Culture :
2 books (not work-related) per month
2 movies per week + 1 in German
(curiosity, creativity, learn more, fun, verbal abilities, writing skills,  concentration, improve the world, be smarter, be more interesting and attractive, de-stress, memory, discover and recreate me, inspiration, escape from the real world)
Machine learning book, 3 pages per working day
Python, teach a class
German class Tuesday and Thursday
Tandem Wednesday
(Awareness of what’s going on, fun, become a data scientist, job opportunities, making sense of the world around, German is important almost everywhere, useful, improve my life, speak three languages, focus, IQ, exercise both side of the brain, creativity, memory, problem-solving skills, reading skills, teaches planning and foresight)
Goals with specific deadlines:
Move to Aachen in October
Manuscript ready to submit in November


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