My morning workout session

I exercise every morning for 30 minutes on weekdays. I am not Superman but I consider myself in shape. My routine emphasises on abs, biceps, triceps, chest muscles, back muscles, thighs and a bit of cardio. I also do 4 to 5 hours of different sports per week when my life style is sedentary. However, this routine follows me each time I am travelling. The only material you need is a weight, it doesn’t have to be a dumbbell, you just have to use your environment (could be a chair, a bottle full of water, etc…). Also, you should consider to adjust the number of repetitions and the type of exercises depending on your goals

Here is my morning workout session:

# 2*100 Crunchs

# 100 Air Bikes

# 100 seconds Boat Crunchs

# 50 basic push-ups

# 50 darts

# 4*20 weight lifting (12kg)

# 2*20 squats

# 15 side lunges (each thigh)

# 4*20 Bench dips

# 2*20 Dumbell triceps extention

# 3 min Boxing (this kind)

# Cold shower (Here is why)

+ healthy diet (no candy/milk chocolate/soda but a bunch of fruits, vegetables and water) + 1 hour of run once a week

Have fun creating your routine! (Start slow)


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