My morning routine

A year ago, I decided to have a morning routine to automatise the most important behaviors and make sure that important things are the first things done. Also, it helps me to get fully awake and ready for the day! Here it is:

#1. Wake up early (around 6am)

Why? More time to enjoy life, start before the rest of the world, get out of your comfort zone, opportunity to increase your productivity, best working environment (quiet and peaceful), get time to do my morning routine, increase the likelihood of success, better sleep

#2. Drink water

Why? Your body is thirsty after a whole night of sleep, get hydrated!

#3. Meditate (5min)

Why? Inner peace, self-awareness, relax, consciousness, inspiration, better concentration, better control of yourself, increase fulfillment of life, less bothered by little things. I know 5 minutes is not much, but I see some effects anyway!

#4. Exercise for 30 minutes

Why? You will feel accomplished even if you fail your day. Get ready for the cold shower. Get ready for a breakfast (appetite!). Improve mood&health. Less likely to skip your workout. Get fit. Here is my morning workout session I do

#5. Breakfast: Milk + 2 fruits

Why? Energy + health

#6. Cold shower

Why? Increase alertness, improve the attractiveness of skin&hair, immunity, blood circulation, metabolic properties, speed up muscles recovery, get out of my comfort zone, be tougher, improves mood, increases testosterone levels, better breathing, increases tolerance to stress. More reasons here

#7. Plan my day

Why? Planning what you want to do increases the likelihood of actually doing it

#8. Self-appreciation break 😀 (3 pts)

Why? Improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and mood

#9. Gratitude (3 pts)

Why? Improve general health and quality of life

#10. Smile for a minute and say: “This day is gonna be the BEST day, EVER”

Why? Why not? Smiling makes us happy

#11. Read during transportation time

Why? Make the best out of what could be “wasted” time, get out of my comfort zone (I’d rather sleep or listen music…)

#12. Once at the office, write for an hour

Why? That’s actually a tip for Ph.D. students and researchers in general, check this article in Science

+Basics rules of my days: No sugar, unlimited vegetables + fruits + water + tea, 2 coffees max, lunch and dinner: eat the smallest portion possible.


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