How to get up easily in the morning


Here are 17 points that helped me to easily get up early:

#1 Have enough sleep

You must understand your own circadian rhythms. For a month, go to bed at a regular time (10pm for example) and don’t set any alarm clock. Record the approximative time you fall asleep and the time you get out of bed without any trouble. Check out how many hours you need per night (usually between 7 and 10). Then adapt the time you go to bed depending on your need and when you want to get up.

#2 Talk to yourself before going to bed and visualize yourself waking up easily.

Repeat to yourself that you want to wake up at 6am for example. Planning to do something actually increases the likelihood of really doing it.

#3 Plan your day the night before

It will help you to remember why you must wake up early and increase your motivation.

#4 Start slowly

If you usually wake up at 10am, don’t set an alarm clock directly at 5am. Wake up 5/10 minutes earlier for a week, and each week, wake up a bit earlier. Your body will adapt.

#5 Make it become a habit

Everything becomes easier when routinised. For example, plan to wake up at 7am every working day and 9am the week end.

#6 Have an evening routine under subdued lighting conditions

Too much light alters melatonin production and impairs your sleep. Thus do your evening routine under subdued lighting conditions. It will make your body sleepy and you will fall asleep more quickly. Your evening routine could include writing about your day on a diary, reading for 30 minutes, planning the next day, and meditating for 10 minutes.

#7 Have a morning routine

Make it a habit to wake up early, it will become easier when routinized. Here are some tips to get a powerful morning routine.

#8 Set up an alarm clock and let the autopilot mode works for you

Besides waking you up and telling you that it’s time to get up, make it act as a conditioned stimulus (read about the Pavlov dogs). For example, making your brain associate the alarm sound with the sweet taste of breakfast might help you to get up. You can also associate the sound of the alarm clock with standing up straightaway, it might be hard at the beginning but it will become more automatic (easy) over time.

#9 Download funny alarm sounds or create your own

It’s a good way to wake up happily.

#10 Don’t snooze

Besides not being helpful, it doesn’t get easier and you might take the (bad) habit of snoozing over and over.

#11 Put your alarm clock as far as possible

It will help you not to snooze and to get up.

#12 It’s about self discipline

Self discipline skills can be improved. The more will power you have, the easier it is to challenge yourself (and to force you to wake up early). Getting out of your comfort zone as much as possible is a way to improve your will power.

#13 Remember why

Whatever you want to do, remembering why is very important for the motivation. In “Man’s search for meaning“, V.Frankl described life in Nazi death camps and its lessons for spiritual survival. He basically wrote that the primary drive in life is not pleasure (Freud theory), but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful. Write all the reasons and read them often. It will increase your motivation when you will face the challenge.

#14 Drink a full glass of Water

Besides the health effects, it will help you to feel awake.

#15 Get some fresh air

Directly after you wake up, open your window and breath for a minute.

#16 Exercice

Besides the health effects, it is a good way to associate waking up with exercice/endorphins/happiness. You might associate waking up with being happy.

#17 Take it easy

Do your best but be nice with yourself. It’s not a big deal to fail sometimes, you will make it tomorrow.

It is worth it so make it happen.


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