What is the point of living if you are suffering?

A very interesting and inspiring point of view can be found in the book: Man’s search for meaning.

The author, Viktor Frankl, wrote about his experience in Nazi death camps (including Auschwitz). He first describes the everyday life in a concentration camp reflected in the prisoner mind and then introduces his theory.

V.Frankl suggested that the way a prisoner imagined the future affected his longevity. Given this prior, he wrote about the logotherapy (logos=meaning). The concept is that “one should identify a purpose in his life to feel positively about, and then deeply engage in imagining that outcome”. In other words, Frankl’s theory claims that our primary drive in life is not pleasure (Freud) nor power (Nietzsche), but the “discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful”.

According to V. Frankl, no matter how tough it is, you can cope with any life’s challenge. Find meaning in it and move forward with rejuvenated purpose.

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