26 ways to resist the sweet teeth

Hi, I actually don’t eat any candy or cake or (milk) chocolate (almost) at all. When I started following this diet, I sometimes felt like craving for sugar. I learned psychological and practical tips to avoid such food and it worked pretty well! I didn’t stop taking dessert though, but I only take a fruit. Resisting the dessert (or take a healthier one) is possible, it is just easier if you have a strategy. Here are 26 tips that might help you to control how and what you eat.

1. Learn the differences between sugars: Glucose, fructose, refined, processed, natural. Know which one to avoid and which one is okay (The sugar from a fruit is better than the one from a candy)

2. Buy unsweetened stuff (NOT artificial but without ANY sugar): If there is no sugar then it’s okay to eat a bit of it.

3. Go cold turkey: To stop eating any sugar right away might be tough for a day or two but then, it gets easier.

4. Think protein, healthy fat and fibers instead

5. Add more flavors: Vanilla, curry, etc… It will bring taste without harms

6. Stop soda: Drink water instead, no sugar, healthy effects (18 reasons to drink more water), and if you fall for a dessert, at least, it won’t be that bad.

7. Have some, sometimes: It’s not about not having any dessert, it’s about consumption control.

8. Stick with it and make it an habit: Stick with your plan. It’s a long term goal, if you resist only one day, it won’t have any real effect. Also, the more you resist, the easier it becomes to resist.

9. Remember how high you feel after you resisted: remember the great feeling after a success

10. “We barely regret not to eat enough”: Indeed, try it yourself. Eat too much, one day, and way less than usual on another day. You’ll see, you’ll feel better after succeeding to eat a small portion. Try to think futur instead of present, resisting this dessert will be tough for 2 minutes but you’ll feel great the whole afternoon.

11. Eat a bit of what you are craving for: It might help you to resist but just a small piece.

12. Combine food: Add healthy food to the unhealthy one (like an apple to a chocolate chips). At least, you’ll have useful elements and not only sugar.

13. grab water, a gum, a fruit, a tea, a vegetable instead

14. Get up and go for a walk: Don’t overthink about dessert, go for a walk and try to change your mind.

15. Choose quality over quantity: If you can’t resist, at least, try to diminish the harms. If you’re craving for chocolate, get the black one.

16. Diminish the size: if you really have to eat some, at least, try to take the smallest possible size or portion.

17. Eat regularly: Best way not to starve is to feel regularly full. Keep with you fruits and vegetables all along your day. Enjoy one every one or two hours.

18. Reward yourself: You resisted, that’s great. Reward you in a smart way. You resisted this dessert, great, but rewarding yourself by eating a whole bucket of ice cream is definitely not a good idea. Buy new clothes, a travel, or buy a beer to your friends for example.

19. Get support: It’s hard. Everyone got trouble when it’s about self-discipline and food

20. Pick the seasonal ones: Seasonal fruits and vegetables are more tasty.

21. Decondition you: Wait 10 minutes between the end of your lunch and your dessert. Analyse your behavior and every moment you’re eating sugar. You might have associated certain moment with eating sweet stuff.

22. Don’t rush things: If you feel like you are falling for this dessert, then wait few more minutes before eating it. Eat it very slowly and enjoy the moments as much as possible.

23. Brush your teeth: Establish the rule: “after I brushed my teeth, I don’t eat (neither drink anything else but water) anymore”. Also, the sweet taste of your toothpaste might work as a substitute.

24. Find your pleasure elsewhere than in sugar: There are a bunch of different vegetables and fruits out there, try them. Enjoy trying new food (get out of your comfort zone). Enjoy seeing a bunch of color and healthy food in your plate. Enjoy looking at them, have you ever notice how beautiful is a brocoli?!

25. Take it as a challenge, not a punishment: You want to control what you eat to be a better you, not to punish yourself.

26. Have fun resisting! It will be easier if you take it easy and with fun.

Remember, you want to be the best version of yourself, thus control what comes in your stomach. And more importantly, have fun doing it!









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