22 reasons to take cold showers

I know, everybody is afraid of cold showers. But seriously, you should consider to give it a try. I’m a big fan of cold showers and here are 22 reasons why:

1.Increase alertness (and wake you up): The cold water shocks your body, to warm itself, it increases your breath and therefore your oxygen intake, also your heart rate increases releasing a rush of blood through your body. So much energy! 

2.Burn fat (metabolic advantage): to keep you warm, your body burns fat.

3.Nothing special about hot shower: okay, okay, helpful to relax and might increase your ocytocine level (the “cuddle” hormone).

4.Get out of your comfort zone: here is why.

5.Improve blood circulation: The blood runs to your organs to warm them up, which in turn improve your cardiovascular health. 

6.Improve immunity: a consequence of the increased metabolic rate.

7.Boost muscles recovery: a consequence of the increased metabolic rate.

8.Make your hair and skin more attractive: Increases hairs’ability to grip the scalp and closes pores

9.Improve mood: think about how happy, proud and (surprisingly) warm you will be after the cold shower

10.Build will power: It’s all about self discipline.

11.Improves emotional resilience: Train your nervous system against stress, you will get more resistant.

12.Reduces stress: By getting more resistant over stress, you will increase the threshold of what stresses you.

13.Increases hormone level and boost fertility: Testes like to be cold

14.Improves your breath: Your body will be shocked, it will ask for more oxygen and will make you breath more. By the time, you’ll see an improvement.

15.Increases your likelihood to be successful: How do you expect to be successful if you can’t afford a few minutes of discomfort? Read the biography of successful people: It’s never easy, you’ll pass by tough moment. The cold shower is a preparation that makes you ready for those moments.

16.Fight against depression: Some studies have shown so.

17.Feels like your a bad ass: James Bond does take cold shower, I bet Batman does too.

18.Increases toughness: Braving the cold makes you more likely to brave the cold again.

19.Increases energy and well-being: Less stress, more will power, better mood, no doubt it makes you happier.

20.Save money: Warm = energy spent = money&pollution, also I bet you will spend less time under the shower so you will save water.

21. Save the environment: Warm = energy spent = pollution, also again => less time under the shower => save water.

22.Save time: trust me, it won’t last as much as a warm shower does, so you will be on time every morning.

When not to take a cold shower:

If you are very depressed: be sure not to see the cold shower as a sad event but rather the opposite as an opportunity to get better (some people have experienced cold showers as making depression even worse).

If you are underweight, since your body might miss energy to warm you up.

Immediately after an intensive workout, it could lead to muscle cramping.

If you are subject of a heart disease, high blood pressure or other cardiovascular related problems: as a cold shower shocks your body and increases your metabolic rate, be sure that your body can handle it.

It’s also a lot about how to think about it: you should take a cold shower thinking of it as a positive event and something that will make you become a better and healthier version of yourself.

How to make it happen?

Take your time: think about it, see yourself succeeding taking it.

Allow you to fail: no worries if you took a warm shower today, tomorrow, you’ll make it.

Start slow: dont take an hour cold shower directly after waking up for your first try

Think of it as a challenge or an experiment

You can start warm and finish cold

Sometimes, reward you with a warm shower

Before and after you take it: repeat to yourself why you’re doing it, all the advantages and so on.

Don’t be too serious about it, it’s not a big deal.

Have fun doing it!

Good news: You will see the positive effect of a cold shower right after the first one.



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