Why and how to get out of your comfort zone?

What is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is related to the anxiety level. Basically, if you feel not anxious at all doing something, you are in your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone means doing something that raises your anxiety level. It’s about willingly putting yourself in a situation that at first, you won’t enjoy. A situation that will make you feel uncomfortable, stressed, hesitant and/or weak. 
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OF COURSE, it doesn’t mean doing something that will make you regret or feel completely shocked and terrorised (the panic zone). It’s not about going too far.

Take home points:
# Variability: the zone limits are extendable.
# Subjectivity: my CZ is different from yours. Meaning that no-one else but you knows which is your CZ.
# Anxiety: The zone limits are where relax turns into stress

Why to get out of your comfort zone?

#1 Helps you to grow up:
The feeling of accomplishment is done by mixing a bit of stress and, when the task is done, success. Also, it improves the base levels of your confidence.

#2 Makes your comfort zone bigger:
You will be able to do much more things without feeling any stress

This graph shows that going out of your initial comfort zone makes you learn, grow up and eventually improve your performance and reach a new comfort zone ‘upgraded’.

#3 The more you go out, the easier it becomes:
Doing new things helps you to learn more (through cerebral plasticity) and motivates you to learn (novelty increases your dopamine levels)

#4 Increases the likelihood to develop a liking toward something:
How do you know you don’t like it if you have never tried it?

#5 Increases the likelihood to live the life you want to live:
How do you know you’re living everything you want to live if you haven’t try everything? Facing challenges will help you to become the best version of yourself.

#6 Decreases your overall anxiety

#7 Increases your productivity:
Pushing the limits will help you to get more done and to find smarter ways to work.

#8 Increases your creativity:
Doing new things and learning new skills opens the door of opportunities and new ideas.

#9 Help you to control yourself:
Pushing yourself in situation out of your comfort zone will force you to handle a bit more your own psychology and you might increase your self-discipline skills

#10 Comfort is easy and “you don’t want a life that’s easy”

How to get out of your comfort zone?

# Be aware of your comfort zone and acknowledge the fact that you have a natural tendency  to want to stay inside.
# It takes energy. You don’t need to be fully charged to make the best out of it but it’s easier to break old habits if you are completely awake.
# Change your state of mind. Your comfort zone is not a cozy nest but a prison.
# Embrace the change and the discomfort, learn about the power of vulnerability. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Opt for challenge instead of comfort.
# Set goals that force you to get out of your comfort zone. 
# Go out gradually, don’t go too fast. You should start small but increase regularly the limits.
# Check your progress, reward you and adjust your set of goals.
# Try to see it with a happy, optimistic and confident point of view, it helps to take risk and be adventurous. 

# Do something different everyday.
# Do the things in a different way every time.
# Take your time or take a quick decision depending on what makes you feel like getting out of your comfort zone. Slowing down can be important to grow up. Quick decisions can also be critical to move on.
# Identify your fears. Challenge them step by step.
# Go back to your comfort zone from time to time.
You will really enjoy it after accomplishing something challenging. Also it’s not about experiencing a chronic stress 🙂

In sum:

_1_ Understand what is comfort zone (CZ)
_2_ When are you out?
If you feel relax doing something, then you’re in your CZ. If you are very keen to do something and you do it without any effort: you are in.
However, if you feel uncomfortable, stressed, hesitant or weak doing something, then doing this particular stuff is out of your CZ.
_3_ Make something out of it
Going out of your CZ basically means being stressed. But it doesn’t make any sense just to be stressed: if you want to make something out of it, you must have a good reason. It must be meaningful. Also, there are some rules. For example, it is NOT about doing something that will make you feel completely shocked or terrorised (the panic zone). It’s not about going too far. You must do it on purpose. For example, if you take a cold shower because you don’t have any choice, it won’t improve your will power.

Take home points:

  • Meaning: there should be a why. It has to be useful for you.
  • Willingness: It should be a choice. Facing unexpected stressing events can lead to depression. Put yourself on purpose in a challenging situation leads to great outcomes.
  • Challenge: It must be challenging. Achievable and not too easy.

Now, go and be the BEST version of yourself!



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