9 ways to be as healthy as possible

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Actually, it’s kind of a lifestyle that is not that hard to adopt once you made your own recipe. And you want to “be the best version of yourself”, right?

9 Basic points (and this is science)

1. Move your body (practice sport regularly, stand up, move, be dynamic and enjoy it)
Why? Decrease risk of diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc…), weight control, plasticity in the brain, better cognition (memory, attention, etc…), stress release, social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, saving healthcare cost, improve your mood, fun.

2. Build up your brain (read, learn, socialize, challenge  your brain and enjoy it)
Why? Decrease risk of psychopathologies (Alzheimer, depression, etc…), plasticity in the brain, better cognition, be smarter, improve your mood, know you and the world around you better, much more control over your life and environment, entertaining, fun.

3. Eat and drink what is good for you (color, variety, good quantity and good quality)
Mostly: Fruits, vegetables, fishes, meats, complex carbohydrates, nuts, unsaturated fats. A lot of water and tea.
Look for variety, adequate portion and important elements (vitamins, minerals, water, carbohydrates, fat, fibers, proteins).
Avoid simple carbohydrates (sugar), fast food, soda.
Avoid eating the same thing every time.
Avoid eating too much of a specific type of aliment.
Drink more water (here is why)

4. Check the measures 
Blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, height, assess your activities, check your mood and energy, check your social network (is s/he pushing you up or down?, do you enjoy seeing him/her?…).
Visit Doctor(s) regularly (dentist, ophthalmologist, etc…)

5. Quit harmful behaviors
Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, TV, procrastination, laziness, buying useless stuff, etc…

6. Take care of your mental health
Try to cope with chronic stress, sadness, anger, jealousy… Track your mind, ask yourself, talk about it, read about it. Try not to overthink about stuff. Ask for help (we all need help for something). Sleep enough.

7. Have as many friends as possible (quantity and quality)
Why? Adequate level of self-esteem, sense of identity, social skills, communication skills, mental and physical health, social support, fun. 

8. Sleep enough and not too much (find out your number, should be between 7 and 10 hours per night)
Why? Cognition, mood, rest, health, better sex, less pain, muscle recovery, immunity…

9. Stay clean
House, dishes, clothes, teeth, bedsheets, body, mind (be clear/clean/reliable with yourself and others).

Move even further forward (might be subjective)

  • Set up long, middle and short term goals and update it regularly (Why and how?)
  • Get a morning routine (Why and how?)
  • Get out of your comfort zone (Why and how?)
  • Take cold showers (Why?)
  • Volunteer (Why?)
  • Meditate
  • Challenge yourself in as many areas as possible
  • Keep a daily diary
  • Check your money, spend it for others when possible
  • Be as ethic as possible
  • Take care of environment and people
  • Assumes that everybody is a good person, and likes you 🙂
  • Look out for integrity
  • Be reliable
  • Live a life with a purpose, look out for purpose
  • Routinize the most important behaviors (Mind/body/food…)
  • Practice gratitude
  • Wake up early
  • Smile
  • Have fun, be as enthusiastic as possible
  • Enjoy everything your doing and do it as well as possible
  • Often have sex with someone you love (and loves you back) and/or masturbate without porn (use your imagination)
  • Look out for self improvement
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Learn to be nice, honest and objective with yourself, challenge but also love yourself
  • Learn how to enjoy the beauty of this world
  • Learn the psychological tips that help to deal with hard time
  • Allow yourself to be happy and to be successful
  • Don’t take yourself so serious
  • Don’t play the blame game
  • Don’t look back too long
  • Take action
  • Be an awesome active listener
  • Learn how to sell yourself
  • Learn how to sell
  • Know how to let go
  • Develop your charisma
  • Find something interesting in everyone and every situation

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