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Tips about applying for a Ph.D. in neuroscience/psychology 
20 memory tips to learn by heart
What is the ideal age to start a Ph.D.?

I want to get fit, how do I start?
19 reasons to run a marathon

How does it feel to run a marathon for the first time?

Hack your life:
22 reasons to take cold showers
9 ways to be as healthy as possible
Goal setting tips
Get out of your comfort zone
13 reasons to volunteer
24 ways to resist the sweet teeth
18 reasons to drink more water
Get a powerful morning routine
How to get up easily in the morning
# Ways to improve intellectually
# A few words about fasting
# A few words about why I adopted a vegan diet

Broad subjects:
Do we use only 10% of our brain?
Why is the point of living if you are suffering?

Other stuff:
Best quotes
Books summary

About me:
Review Goals_01_2016 + Goals_05_2016
Review Goals_05_2016 + Goals_10_2016
Review Goals_08_2016 + Goals_11_2016
Review_Goals_11_2016 + Goals_02_2017
New Goals December 2017
Review_Goals December_2017 + Goals September_2018

Contact and information about the author
My morning routine
My morning workout session

Statistical learning:
I.Brief introduction to statistical learning
II.Univariate Linear Regression, cost function & Batch gradient descent


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