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I’ve been optimising my life by keeping a to-do list updated since five years. I started by a pretty simple model but month by month, year by year, I’ve been integrating what science says about goal setting. Now, my to-do list is kind of big and really well fitted to what I want. I can still improve it of course, actually I am constantly improving it, but this kind of way of setting it works pretty well for me.

Recently, I discovered a blog named “basicgrowth.com” it was really inspiring. It’s partly about self improvement but also about other interesting subjects. The author publishes his goals and regularly updates them, letting us know if it worked out or not. I thought it was really interesting and inspiring so I’m gonna do the same with mine.


“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

I’ll easily save 100 euros per month
I’ll easily write down all my expenses.
(Get a security with money, analyse my buying behaviour and adapt it subsequently)
Health :
I’ll easily drink 3l of water per day
(Stay hydrated, control calories, energize muscles, body health, maintain normal Bowel Function, fatigue buster)
I’ll easily eat at least a fruit and a vegetable per meal
(Body health, Fiber, vitamins & minerals, prevent diseases)
I’ll easily stop to eat any candy at all (except black chocolate)
(No nutritional value, dependance, too much calories, unhealthy: liver, insulin, fat, heart)
I’ll easily eat one fork of spinach and Brussels sprouts (I think I hate it but I’m not sure)
(Going out of my comfort zone, healthy food, increasing likelihood of eating healthier)
Give 10 euros per month to an association
Be a volunteer for an association on a regular basis
(meet people, good for society, sense of purpose, make a difference, make an impact, to share, personal growth and self esteem, learn, know the local community, integration in Germany, challenge,…)
Mind :
I’ll easily do my morning routine during weekdays:
-Wake up at 5am (second ring of the alarm clock)
(Much more time to enjoy life, get out of my confort zone, Much more productive on morning)
-Drink water
-5 min of meditation
(inner peace, self awareness, relax, consciousness, inspiration, better concentration)
-Smile for a minute
(Against stress, better mood, immune system, fun, feel better)
-3 x 20 abs
(I guess it’s not really useful in terms of muscle growth but it makes me ready for the cold shower^^)
-Cold shower
(alertness, skin&hair, immunity, blood circulation, metabolic properties, speed up muscles recovery, get out of my confort zone, be tougher,  improve mood, increase testosterone levels, better breathing)
-Statement of the priorities of the day (at least 3 pts)
-What’s awesome in my life (at least 3 pts)
-Gratitude (at least 3 pts)
(Remember what I should focus on, and that life is awesome^^)
I’ll easily do my evening routine during weekdays:
-update personal diary
-plan the next day
-read for 30 minutes
I’ll easily do one sport session without music per month
(Be tougher)
Social :
I’ll easily go out for a social event once a week.
I’ll easily talk to my friends and family once a week.
(Increase&improve networks, brain effects, get out of my comfort zone, fun, social skills, sharing, learning, taking care)
I’ll easily say YES to something that bored me but is useful once a week,
I’ll easily party hard once a month.
(Spend energy, fun, networking, work hard so play hard)
Sport :
I’ll easily do my training three times a week.
1 : 10′ gainage (muscular growth), 5*5*15 push ups, 5*5*15 weights lifting  
(Strength, biceps, triceps, pec, abs)
2 : 10′ gainage (muscular growth), 2*10*40 sec speed run/40 sec rest, 3*5*10 pull ups
(Cardio, heart, breath, resistance, speed, back&shoulder muscles)
3 : 90 minutes run
(Cardio, endurance, speed, focus, tenacity)
I’ll easily run the marathon of Köln  (oct 2016)
(benefits of sport in general: Body/mind health, improved cognitive functions, mood, immune system, energy (stamina), strength, sleep, fun, challenge, out of comfort zone, confidence, de-stress, look handsome, and so on.)
Creativity :
I’ll easily write one blog article per week.
(improve writing skills)
20 % YOLO :
I’ll easily lie down in a crowded public space for 10 sec
I’ll easily do 10 push ups in a crowded public space and leave like if nothing happened
I’ll easily take an escalator in the wrong way
I’ll easily sing in a crowed public space
I’ll easily dance in a crowed public space
I’ll easily go to a club and dance all night alone (but won’t stay alone)
(Get out of my comfort zone, improve confidence, fun)
Culture :
I’ll easily read a book per month (other than professional) and summarise it on the blog
I’ll easily watch a movie per week and summarise it on the blog.
(verbal abilities, writing skills,  concentration, improve the world, my imagination, be smarter, be more interesting and attractive, de-stress, memory, discover and create myself, fun, inspiration, escape from the real world)
I’ll easily attend 2*45min Machine Learning’s classes per working day
I’ll easily attend 2*45min Programming (Python) per working day
I’ll easily study German for 45 min per working day (obj: the A2 level in June 2016)
I’ll easily play chess or read during transportation time 
I’ll easily spend 3*45min per day focused on my PhD project
(Awareness of what’s going on, fun, become a data scientist, job opportunities, making sense of the world around, important almost everywhere, useful, improve my life, speak three languages, focus, IQ, exercise both side of the brain, creativity, memory, problem-solving skills, reading skills, teaches planning and foresight)

Link toward the next list of goals.


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