How does it feel to run a marathon for the first time?

May 2010. I quit smoking and start running. I start running about 10k twice a week. After a few competitions and meeting several inspiring marathoners, I register for a marathon in June 2012. January 2012. I design a training plan: 3 runs a week. A long distance (at least 15k), a fun run (10k), and […]

A few words about why I adopted a vegan diet

Here is one of the arguments that convinced me, starting from these two (subjective) ethical principles: 1: Being alive is better than being dead. 2: Being free is better than not being free. I do not need to eat animals to survive (nor to live). Thus, in accordance with my personal ethics, I try my […]

A few words about fasting

I’m fasting every Tuesday since a few months. I don’t eat anything from Monday evening to Wednesday morning. I just drink water and tea (without milk, honey or sugar). I recently switched to a 24h fasting instead, thus I eat again Tuesday evening. There is a pragmatic reason for this: sleeping when starving is tough […]

Goals December 2017

-Goals December 2017- It has been a while since the last review, I kept on adapting my goals and so on, I just thought that posting it was not that interesting anymore. However, I’ll do it now because it evolved a lot and I thought it could be interesting to follow the evolution over time. […]

Ways to improve intellectually

You need both self-discipline (to force yourself) and methods (to improve intellectually).  Self-discipline  Basically, in order to improve your self-discipline, you just have to do things that are good for you and that don’t give you any very short-term reward. For example: – Take cold showers (How?). It is tough to get in but good for […]